• Creating a world where people can connect through shopping, overcoming national boundaries and language differences

  • Company Philosophy

    To create a world where people can connect through shopping, overcoming national boundaries and language differences


    Shopping has long been not only an integral part of our everyday lives, but also an exquisite form of entertainment.

    Nowadays, shopping is something that can easily be done online.

    However, in spite of the fact that information no longer has any boundaries, language and distance still present obstacles for an easily accessible means for consumers hoping to buy products from abroad to connect with corporations looking to sell their products to customers living abroad.

    Our company's philosophy is to create a world where customers looking to buy products and corporations looking to sell products are able to connect online, no matter where they live or what language they speak, through the universally acclaimed form of entertainment known as shopping.

  • List of Services

    Services provided by Planetia Co., Ltd.


    Conveying a product's novelties through online reviews and emblems

    A cosmetics review service specialized for ASEAN countries

    This service involves the use of online reviews to create PR for cosmetic products.


    We will arrange for product testers in various regions of Asia to try your company's products, then use their feedback to promote sales.


    Service Overview




    Web site


    Taiwan Local EC Launch Pack

    Through a collaboration with the Taiwan-based EC site DOREDORE, we just launched our local EC sales in Taiwan!

    We are now conducting local EC sales in Taiwan through DOREDORE, a proven EC corporation in the country. Online reviews on COSMERIA can be used for EC sales in Taiwan.


    Our services aren't limited our own company site, and we also offer our services on websites like Yahoo shopping and shopping sites popular among young women like momo, shopee, 86shop, exports to external shopping malls, and sales promotion through influencers and on social media.

  • NEWS

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  • Company Overview

    Company Name: Planetia Co., Ltd.


    CEO: Satoshi Kamagata
    Founded: March 14, 2016

    Capital: 35 million yen


    Address: 1F, Bixel Shinjuku, 7-26-7, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022



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  • CEO Introduction

    Satoshi Kamagata

    CEO, Planetia Co. Ltd.


    Born in 1985. Graduated from Indiana University in the U.S., then joined Rakuten, Inc. in 2009 where he worked as a consultant for Rakuten Global Market assisting clients with their international sales. He then moved to Google, where he assisted in the company's web marketing and overseas expansion through the marketing department.


    In 2016, he founded Planetia Co., Ltd., a company specialized in supporting the overseas expansion of cosmetic and beauty products.


    His life goal is to enable corporations to overcome national boundaries and compete on a global scale.

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