• COSMERIA, a cosmetics review service for ASEAN countries

    Communicate product appeal using word of mouth reviews and emblems

  • Utilize word of mouth reviews and emblems
    to promote your cosmetics in each country in Asia.

    We provide emblems to products in each category that receive excellent word of mouth reviews.

    What you can do at COSMERIA

    - Multilingual Product Pages: We will create Product Pages and Brand Introduction Pages on COSMERIA for each country in Asia.


    - Capture Word of Mouth Reviews: Have COSMERIA's monitors use products and get real word of mouth feedback posted.


    - Data Conversion: We will provide aggregated data by country and by age for reviews. These can be used for your company's analysis and for secondary usage for your website or retail store.


    - Content Conversion: We convert content by summarizing word of mouth reviews posted by web or by social media into blog posts which can be used on brand pages etc.


    - Social Media Diffusion: We can send out third party voices converted into content mainly through social media to target audiences and increase brand awareness.


    - Cosmetics Review Grand Prize: We will communicate winning COSMERIA of the Year to the local market. This can be used for promotion towards local resellers and for buyer acquisition.

    COSMERIA - review and discover


    COSMERIA is used by companies that are actively expanding overseas.

    (Examples of Companies using COSMERIA. Includes companies that have previously listed their products on the site.)

    Case Studies

    COSMERIA's service and how to use word of mouth reviews and emblems overseas by Favour Marché Co., Ltd. were featured in Live News α on Fuji TV.

    (Broadcast on May 10, 2019)

  • The importance of "Word of Mouth Reviews" and
    "Emblems" for cosmetics promotion.


    <Overseas Buyers and Distributors>
    ✓ It's expected that ingredients and effects are good. They want third-party verified evidence.
    Promotional materials such as Emblems and Word of Mouth Reviews are needed to buy and sell


    <Overseas Users>
    ✓ When choosing cosmetics online or in store, customers rely on Word of Mouth Reviews and Rankings to help their decisions.

    Survey results from female users in Asian countries

    Customers are more interested in products that have third party evaluations such as emblems

    When deciding to purchase, customers refer to word of mouth reviews to determine if a product will suit their skin type

    ※Survey conducted with 300 COSMERIA monitors in each country in Asia (June 2019)

  • Product Monitor Network for Asian Women who love cosmetics

    Women between ages 20 - 40 who have high sensitivity to beauty and fashion trends

  • Applicable Countries: Taiwan / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysia / Thailand / Indonesia / The Philippines / Vietnam

  • Monitors who suit the product target can be selected

    Match the needs of both parties

    → Gather word of mouth reviews that can be "used" in a more real way

  • COSMERIA of the Year

    Cosmetics Grand Prize recognizing "Products chosen by

    150,000 Asian women who love cosmetics"


    Previous prize winners and special feature page here


  • - COSMERIA of the Year Award Ceremony -

    A product display in addition to awarding of a trophy

    Panel discussions by external media and celebrities will also be held

  • COSMERIA of the Year 2019 Award Ceremony

    January 9th 2020 at Tokyo Harajuku To-go Kinenkan

  • You can promote the results of your product's evaluations through reviews at exhibitions inside and outside your country

  • Application Package for consideration as COSMERIA of the Year

    <Application Fee>

    - 498,000 yen(Excluding Tax)(Including secondary usage rights for emblems and review data)
    (The product page is shown from 1 year and can be renewed from the second year at 14,900 yen per month. As long as the product page is shown, the posted word of mouth review data and emblems can be used freely.)



    - Multilingual product posting (English / Simplified Chinese / Thai / Vietnamese)
    - Product distribution to gain word of mouth reviews: for 100 monitors
    → Monitor characteristics can be specified
    → Recommended usage instructions can be included as a paper insert or sent by email
    → Distributed products can be either sample sized or the actual product
    - Promotion of word of mouth reviews (email)

    <Conditions to win each COSMERIA of the Year prize>

    When both of the following two criteria are satisfied:
    - Number of Word of Mouth Reviews: Over 60
    - Average Evaluation Score: Over 4.0 (Out of 5 points)
    - When the criteria above is satisfied, the word of mouth review score, quality of reviews, fan voting and UGC contents will be evaluated as a whole.
    - Grand prize as well as divisional prizes available


    <About being selected as COSMERIA of the Year>

    - We will award trophies during the awards ceremony. A display of the willing product will occur during the awards ceremony.
    - We will send the ai file for the emblem as well as the picture data. Your company can use these freely.

  • Other conditions by individual plan

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